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Unlocking Personal Branding and Public Speaking with Urmi Hossain

In this captivating episode of the Renowned Leadership podcast, Stephen Morris sits down with the remarkable Urmi Hossain to explore the transformative world of personal branding, public speaking, and self-belief. Join us as Urmi shares her inspiring journey in the financial services industry and her unwavering commitment to women's empowerment and self-education. The conversation takes a deep dive into the key elements of personal branding and storytelling, highlighting the importance of stepping out of one's comfort zone and cultivating a positive mindset. Urmi and Stephen delve into the challenges and rewards of personal branding, providing practical insights on how to build an authentic personal brand that resonates with others. Urmi opens up about her experience with Toastmasters, a renowned non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing public speaking, leadership, and organizational skills. She shares her personal journey of overcoming the fear of public speaking and provides invaluable advice on conquering public speaking challenges. Together, they emphasize the significance of practice, self-challenge, and the art of storytelling to engage and connect with audiences. Stephen and Urmi discuss their unique approaches to public speaking, including the use of bullet points to stay on track during presentations. They delve into the benefits of time limits and how it enhances speaker effectiveness. The duo also explores the complexities of delivering concise messages within shorter time frames. Lastly, they delve into the transformative power of energy and presence, encouraging listeners to embrace their own gifts and leverage them for success. Tune in to this captivating episode as Urmi Hossain and Stephen Morris inspire you to embrace personal branding, conquer public speaking fears, and unlock your full potential. Get ready to elevate your communication skills and step into a new realm of self-belief and empowerment. Check out Urmi at the links below:





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