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Goal Setting and Designing Your Life for Success - A Conversation with Kylee Robinson

In this inspiring podcast episode, our host Stephen sits down with the incredible Kylee Robinson, an expert in goal setting and designing a life that aligns with one's values. Throughout the meeting, Stephen and Kylee delve deep into the importance of goal setting, self-awareness, and intentional decision making. Key Takeaways: The significance of setting challenging, yet achievable goals. Distinguishing between impossible and stretch goals. Breaking down long-term visions into manageable steps for success. Practical tips for taking action in the present moment. Adjusting priorities and being flexible when life circumstances change. Kylee passionately discusses the importance of aligning one's values with their goals and decision-making process. Both speakers emphasize the power of overcoming obstacles while staying focused on objectives. They stress the role of accountability in goal achievement and share insights on finding the right person to hold oneself accountable. Stephen and Kylee dive into the power of intentional goal setting and its impact on personal and professional growth. The importance of vulnerability and sharing goals with a team to enhance leadership skills is highlighted. The conversation also includes details about their friendly and productive exchange, with both parties expressing satisfaction with the interview.

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Book: Marine Corps B.R.A.T. 

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