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CultureFit Vs. CultureAd: Building A Better Workplace Culture

Are you looking for ways to improve your workplace culture and become a more effective leader? Then you will want to experience the latest episode of the Renowned Leadership podcast, where Stephen and Brian dive deep into the world of workplace culture and communication. In this episode, Brian Montes, an expert in workplace culture, shares his thoughts on how companies can create an innovative team by looking for culture fit and culture add when hiring. He explains that workplace culture is not just about how an organization operates but also how employees feel about the company and what the company does to empower them professionally. Brian also provides valuable advice on identifying and addressing a broken workplace culture, including handling toxic individuals in the workplace. He suggests having a fact-based conversation with the individual and offering help if needed. He also emphasizes the importance of letting them go if they cannot be changed. As more companies shift to hybrid or remote work environments, communication, and relationships become even more critical. Brian and Stephen discuss the importance of transparent, open, and intentional communication, regular one-to-one meetings, and understanding body language to gauge culture in a remote setting. Lastly, Brian offers practical steps to fix a broken workplace culture, including defining core values, identifying the lowest-hanging fruit, and surveying the team for honest feedback. He emphasizes the importance of building relationships with the team and creating an environment where people feel psychologically safe to speak their truth. Take advantage of this informative and insightful episode of Renowned Leadership, where Stephen and Brian provide valuable tips and advice for becoming a better workplace hero. Tune in now!


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