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Building Your Communication Skills with Gary Ross

Stephen Morris welcomed Gary Ross, an Emmy-nominated journalist, and Fortune 500 executive, to the Renowned Leadership podcast. Ross is a public address announcer for Northwestern University basketball and football and is now a workplace communications trainer and coach. He shared three tips for effective communication: 1) Everything communicates, 2) Know your audience, and 3) Tell a story. Gary Ross suggests that communication should be done through storytelling and that it is essential to be aware of both the audience's communication style and one's own. Stephen also recommends Donald Miller's book Building a Story Brand to help craft stories. Finally, Gary shares his experience of using storytelling to communicate difficult news with more compassion. Gary helps leaders communicate without filler words by addressing the root causes of their communication issues, such as nervousness or lack of preparation, and by providing strategies such as pausing, reflecting, and asking for feedback. He also emphasizes the importance of closing the loop in communication to ensure alignment and show empathy. Gary Ross discussed the concept of the change curve, which is similar to the stages of grief when something changes. He explained that it is crucial for leaders to acknowledge that their people need time and space to go through the change curve on their own, as everyone goes through it at different times and speeds. He also discussed his courses and e-learning classes on workplace communication and leading through change.


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