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Leadership, Racing, and Reconciliation: Insights from Marcus Farris

In this podcast episode, we have a special guest, Marcus Farris, who has been involved in competitive racing for the past 12 years, winning races and competing in triathlons, obstacle courses, and marathons. Marcus shares his belief that everyone has a code buried inside them that can be awakened and emphasizes the importance of exploring what is inside of you. He also advises on practicing problem-solving and mentally rehearsing things going wrong to prepare for a race. Marcus discusses how his experience in the military and his current job have helped him understand the challenges of transitioning out of the military. He also talks about Mission 22, a program that supports veterans with post-traumatic stress and reintegration through a holistic approach to health, including gym membership, books, and meditation devices. Stephen also shares his own experience of transitioning out of the military and the difficulties he faced. Marcus explains how Mission 22 is working to make their program accessible to people of all ages, including those who have never deployed. He also discusses how pre-existing factors, such as chronic inflammation and adverse childhood experiences, can be predictive of PTSD. Marcus concludes by talking about his book, "No Less Faithful," which delves into his journey of reconciling his faith with his divorce, sharing insights from his personal experiences. Marcus and Stephen delve into the role of warriors in society, the need for veterans to find outlets for their experiences, and the importance of understanding death and warfighting. Marcus shares his story of spiritual digging to understand his experience and how it can be used for redemption. They also highlight the need for veterans to have the vocabulary to heal and grow from trauma. Links and Social Media: Marcus Farris on Instagram: @ultrarunfarris Mission 22 website: "No Less Faithful" book by Marcus Farris: Blog;  Renowned Leadership website: