Talk To A Coach

The Lion Within Us: A Journey of Faith and Leadership with Chris Granger

Stephen Morris and Chris Grainger of The Lion Within Us discussed the background of The Lion Within Us, a community and podcast focusing on Christian men, and how Chris's experience with his electrical engineering job led him to start the podcast. They also discussed the importance of prayer and the symbolism of the lion of Judah. Chris has found that the best way to be a leader is to serve others and be obedient to God's Word. They talked about the fact that the best business book is the Bible and that the culture of a business starts with the leadership. They also discussed that a great way to be a coach is to ask questions and be a good listener. They have also found that servanthood is the key to authentic leadership. Chris was discussing how he has mentors he has never met, such as Pastor Joby Martin, and how he can learn from them. Stephen then asked how Chris's wife felt about the lion, and Chris discussed how she was supportive and understanding of the amount of work he was putting in. He then shared a story of how he could share the gospel with someone he had never met, and the man accepted Jesus as his Lord. Chris and Stephen discussed how God works in mysterious ways and how the Lion Within Us community focuses on three pillars of health, wealth, and self. They also discussed the monthly challenges and the agreement that Chris will skydive with Stephen when the community reaches 500 members. Stephen and The Lion Within Us discussed the benefits of joining the Lion Within Us community, which includes a 30-day free trial, access to experts, and various activities such as Bible study, lunches, and challenges.