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Going All In: Lessons from Poker to Reinvent Yourself in Business and Life

Chris Hanna and Stephen discussed Chris's background and poker-playing experience. They discussed the strategies and techniques to be a successful poker player and how to handle losing streaks. They also discussed how poker can be applied to business and life. Chris suggests that when trying to reinvent yourself after being fired or laid off, figuring out what you want and investing in yourself by learning new skills and creating additional income streams is essential. He also suggests having the mindset of growth and learning to give yourself more options. Stephen and Chris discussed the importance of investing in yourself and going all in on yourself. They suggested reflecting on your talents and goals, breaking them down into personal, professional, and financial goals, and being in the right environment with the right people. They also suggested having multiple coaches and mentors to help you course correct. Chris advises people to be authentic and go all in on themselves to succeed. He suggests finding small wins to prove to people that you can do it and to find ways to integrate everything together to be productive and efficient. He also recommends investing in tools and technology to make life easier. Stephen and Chris discussed the importance of being true to oneself and not caring what others think. They also discussed the importance of having no quit and how to use stories to connect with an audience. To learn more about Chris you can find him at the following links: and you can email Chris at: [email protected] Don't for get to get your first month of Group Coaching for free by typing in coupon code COACHING360 in at check out. For more information visit