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S.J. Morris

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A leadership expert with over 21 years of professional experience in leadership roles. As an alumnus of American Military University, where he studied business management and leadership, S.J. spent sixteen years serving in the United States Army with multiple combat deployments and extensive leadership experience in a combat environment. He also completed many military leadership schools. After leaving the Army, S.J. held leadership roles in several large corporations but soon realized his true passion was authentic leadership development.

S.J.'s mission is to educate leaders and future leaders, teaching them the difference between leading and managing. Renowned Leadership offers programs for everyone, from seasoned CEOs to up-and-coming professionals. S.J.'s values of personal relationships, leading by example, servant leadership, and integrity are at the core of his coaching approach, which is 50% coaching and 50% mentoring. He tailors his approach based on each client's unique needs and never hesitates to tell the hard truth when necessary.

With Renowned Leadership, you'll receive coaching and mentoring from someone who will always support you in achieving your goals. So say goodbye to "yes, men" and women, and hello to a leadership expert passionate about developing your skills and character. Contact Renowned Leadership today to start your journey towards becoming an expert team builder and competent decision-maker.

Rebecca W.

"Stephen knows leadership and leadership training inside and out."

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